This little site is the home to my One Sixth Scale figure photos.  Here you will find figures I have kitbashed from spares and custom made parts, and those I have bought and have kept as is, or with minor modifications for better realism or accuracy.


Like most other collectors in the UK I started with Action Man in the 1960s and '70s, filling my toy box with uniforms, accessories, etc... 

As I gathered more Action Man figures (thanks to my mother and my late father) I started to concentrate on just British soldiers; my prized figure being my British Paratrooper.  

Now, in my 50s I am collecting the modern day offspring of that old soldier, but by far the majority are media-based characters who kept me entertained in my youth, with some more modern characters... and a handful of British military figures, my emphasis changing completely.  

I have also added a page for the few Action Man figures I have.


This site is dedicated to photos of my figures, and will expand over time as I take more and more photos of them... my eventual aim to produce photos of the figures in their natural settings for what they are... be that the promenade in Walmington-on-Sea, the far reaches of outer space, or the dank underbelly of Mega City 1.


I have now upgraded my site so it has a personal domain name and I have more space for photos. 

Please enjoy the photos.


Iain McClumpha


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